Bowa’s headquarter address is:


Komajska 9, 20 000 Dubrovnik



OIB/MBS: 66871312228/060365817



Most frequent group visits occur in the pre and post season:
May / June and September.

A group visit may also be considered outside the restaurant’s working hours, with a sufficiently pre-announced and elaborated program. We offer group menus and group packs of drinks. Particularly important is to emphasize that BOWA is a specific restaurant and therefore, depending on the number of people, the setup group has different seating arrangements, depending on the clientele that comes to their wishes.

The terrace can accommodate up to 27 (max 30) people at a time, while each cabana is up to 12 (max 14). There is also a lounge section that can fit up to 18 pax but there the tables are lower, provided for snacks and cocktails.


Exclusive arrangement where the BOWA restaurant is closed exclusively for the client under the minimum consumption of food and drinks.

Activities such as water sports, massages, DJs, various performances are allowed but not included in the price. The restaurant is at your disposal with the recommendation and organization of external associates.


The BOWA restaurant experience has shown so far that weddings, congresses, incentive groups etc. are best organized through privatization arrangement due to the nature of the event itself. It is possible to arrange from the whole ceremony or the wedding party only.

example group visit: Maximum 40 pax can be in the upper three cabanas and the lounge (see pictures) if they do not match the privatized arrangement. Agencies are best known to their clients and how to enjoy BOWA the best

Flexibility: The BOWA restaurant is open for every inquiry and can accommodate our guests ‘requests to maximum limits, from budget adjustments to specific guests’ requests, such as wanting to have engagement in one of our cabanas

Contact: e-mail is available throughout the year, regardless of the restaurant’s working hours, phone is available everyday from from 9 AM to 5 PM.