42°43’13.52″N | 17°54’47.25″E

Located in an isolated idyllic bay Vrbova on the island of Šipan near Dubrovnik, BOWA does exactly what its name claims, offering the Best Of What’s Around.

When you put your foot in our bay, we want you to leave your phones and worries at the entrance. Feel the present moment as you are hugged by the carob, fig and olive trees, smeared with salt in the air and kissed by the Adriatic Sea. This is the nurturing moment you have been dreaming of.

Feel the moment as you take a bite of bluefin Adriatic tuna laid on organic Šipan arugula, a dip in the Mali Ston gazpacho, and a sip of Peljesac dingac wine.  The menu focuses on simple, fresh, local ingredients which highlight the region.

Expect a daily catch of fresh fish, hand-picked vegetables, fruit from BOWA’s own garden, and home-made Šipan island olive oil. Between courses, enjoy a dip in the Adriatic sea – the perfect palate cleanser during your long, languid Mediterranean meal.

Our team stands proudly behind BOWA, as we support “her” in the dream of self-sustainability. The first and the last word holds Mother Nature, and then it’s Your turn to swim between courses and nap after our apple cheesecake or carob chocolate cake.


Born in 2016 as an unified dream of a sailor, an architect and a restaurateur. They envisioned a”Robinson Crusoe” get-away, with a touch of “fine dining in the jungle” but still keeping it as a reminder of the holiday memories with grandparents and the dishes they used to prepare for them. Bowa is not just a restaurant. Bowa is an experience, with our recommendation, an all-day experience.

Everything you consume is caught, farmed or produced within a radius of 50 km from your chair. 

We offer you world-famous Ston oysters from our farms in Mali Ston Bay.

Our fishing team guarantees always fresh Adriatic bluefin tuna, swordfish and greater amberjack. The rhapsody of colors on the plate will captivate you at first sight. Original texture and fullness of taste in every bite will convince you of the uniqueness of our food.