Time Out about Bowa Restaurant

Time Out about Bowa Restaurant

5 out of 5 stars

Restaurant serving fresh seafood on Šipan island

Dubrovnik may be one of the hottest destinations in Europe at the moment, but there’s no getting around the fact that, on certain days in peak season, the city suffers from its popularity as a cruise port. The solution? Explore the city's landmarks and surrounding coastline by boat.

You can hire a speedboat to the restaurant Bowa, secluded in a lush cove of crystalline waters on Šipan, the farthest and largest of the three Elafiti islands. Šipan’s fishermen deliver fresh daily catch, and the nowadays atypical though traditional Dubrovnik dishes like the cuttlefish orzotto or the fig and ginger salad promise to indulge demanding palates. No need to announce your visit for a lunch at the terrace, but call ahead and prepare to splurge to meet the minimum spend at one of the elevated, tiki-style cabanas, where you might occasionally spot a supermodel or a Real Madrid player. Apart from that (avoidable) minimum-spend, the only thing to mind in this idyllic bay might be the few too many Instagram-pleasing floaties and the accompanying photoshoots. On the way there, take a dip at Koločep’s Blue Cave, illuminated inside with an electric, slightly eerie aqua light, and visit the quaint Suđurađ town afterwards, where the nobility of Dubrovnik’s glory era spent their idle summer days.

Written by Tin Orešković Thursday 27 February 2020

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